We Have a Blog!

Welcome to our NEW blog page!

Why start a blog you ask?

Having shifted our focus over the last couple years to helping struggling families create pathways out of poverty, we’ve learned a lot. We wanted a place where we could share our experience–from starting our One Hall initiative, opening the Compass Center, and all the research and planning that went into our Community Game Plan. We want to share the things we’ve learned, the challenges we’ve had, and celebrate the wins along the way. We want to share the personal stories of individuals and organizations who have been impacted by what we’re doing in our community, and who have inspired us to do more.

We want to share our thoughts and ideas about how we can align our goals as a community for greater impact, and hear from you, the experts and thought leaders, on how we can better serve the community. We want to continue having conversations that matter. And most of all, we want to share ourselves–the ways you can engage and serve with us, have fun with us, and get to know us.

We hope that you’ll come along with us on this journey. Together we can change what is possible. Together we can LIVE UNITED.

Please feel free to comment on our posts, enagage with us on Facebook (@unitedwayhallcounty) and Instagram (@unitedwayhallco), or sign up for our newsletter.