Reach Out & Write!

Because of the pandemic, we all are feeling a sense of loss in the ways we normally maintain connections with others. Senior adults are especially vulnerable to loneliness and isolation during this time, which can negatively impact mental health. During this prolonged season of social distancing and sheltering-in-place, the Reach Out & Write initiative is an opportunity to get personal again.

Now thanks to a partnership with Wisdom Project 2030 and United Way of Hall County, individuals and groups in this community can be involved in a letter writing initiative which will provide seniors with letters written by students and groups in the Hall County area. We want every senior adult practicing social distancing to feel loved and connected to their community.

How you can participate:
1. Write an encouraging letter or draw a picture. Be creative! You can handwrite or type your letter.
2. Handwritten letters (no sealed envelopes, please!) may be dropped off at United Way of Hall County in a drop box that is available on site or you can email typed letters to to, and we will print them to be delivered!
3. Letter will be distributed to senior adults sheltering in place in our community.

Deadline for the first round of letters:
December 11

Tips for writing letters:
1. Make it neat and personable.
2. Be kind and thoughtful.
3. Send positive thoughts.
4. Share your creativity!
5. Only sign your first name.