Are you looking for information about how to connect with services that can 
assist you with hunger relief, affordable housing, health care, educational resources, 
counseling or workforce development? If so, welcome to the Compass Center.

Who we are: A one-stop community resource center connecting individuals and families in poverty with existing services and providers throughout Gainesville and Hall County.

Why we exist: Hall County is a resource-rich community, and improving coordination and communication among existing agencies and nonprofits will help better serve our residents. That’s where we step in.

How we work: Finally, we have several community partners who will be on site at the Compass Center to meet and assess your needs, including Goodwill, Action Ministries, Hall County Family Connection and Good News Clinics.

We also have classroom and meeting space available for local nonprofits to provide workshops and training for you to acquire specific services or skills to fill your needs.

We also keep a database of existing agencies and resources, which is continually updated with services available at any given time, so that we can connect you with the appropriate resources during your visit.

What to expect: You will be greeted by a dedicated team of trained volunteers who will provide you with an intake and assessment form to fill out. This questionnaire is the first step in helping define your needs and narrow the best resource options for you. Next you will visit with an onsite host to discuss your assessment and what services best suit you. Finally, you will be connected with a nonprofit that can serve you.

Phone Number:
or (770)-535-7066

615 Oak St, Suite A,    
Gainesville, GA 30501

Hours of Operation:
Monday- Friday
11 a.m. – 7 p.m

Joshua Silavent

Compass Center Manager

Joshua Silavent is the manager of the United Way of Hall County’s Compass Center. In this role, he works to educate the community about poverty issues, recruits residents who can benefit from local resources and services, and oversees a team of volunteers connecting those in need with financial, medical, housing and other forms of assistance. Silavent is graduate of the University of Georgia where he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He worked as a government, business and social issues reporter for newspapers and magazines across the country for 10 years before joining the United Way. Most recently, he led the coverage of poverty issues, including affordable housing and homelessness, for the Gainesville Times.