United Way of Hall County believes that learning begins at birth and continues throughout life.  Our aspiration is that all residents of Hall County will have opportunities to learn which will help them achieve their full potential.  Education has many forms and is not limited to a classroom environment from kindergarten through high school.  United Way of Hall County invests in programs that support:

Early learning - Children learn best in loving, nurturing environments and through everyday experiences.  These essential connections significantly impact brain development in the early years in preparation for future learning.   Whether children are at home with family or friends, or in childcare, the quality of their early experiences is crucial to later school success. Visit for ways parents, grandparents and caregivers can turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities.
Well-being of school-age children and adolescents - It is important that young people are nurtured and have opportunities to develop the interpersonal skills needed to be successful.  Problem-solving, conflict resolution, creativity, self-discipline, relationship-building and character development are just a few of the critical assets children need to learn as they grow into adulthood.  Mentoring and positive relationships with adults greatly contribute to the acquisition of these skills.
Basic literacy and comprehension development skills - Early-grade literacy forms the foundation of later school success.  Until third grade, children are learning to read. After 4th grade, they are reading to learn. Without adequate command of language and the ability to comprehend and communicate, children fall behind, rarely catch up and their success as adults is adversely affected.

Our Community Investment funds programs that align with our strategic priorities in Education, Income, and Health.
Funded Education Programs:

Alliance for Literacy
provides direct educational services to assist individuals in acquiring basic skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and communication

Boy Scouts of America
enables low-income, minority and at-risk youth with financial limitations to participate in Scouting programs

Center Point
recruits, trains and places volunteers or interns to mentor at-risk youth in an effort to nurture and help develop the interpersonal skills needed to be successful in life

Challenged Child & Friends
provides week-long camp to special needs children and an opportunity to continue learning during the summer months

Challenged Child & Friends
provides learning opportunities to special needs children ages six weeks to six years through interaction with typically developing peers


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