What does it mean to advocate?

It’s standing up for others and what we believe in. Whatever you feel strongly about, whether it's children being able to reach their full potential or caring for those who are aging, we all have the power to make a difference in our community by finding our voice and joining it with others.

Champion a cause. Reach out. Speak up. Let your voice be heard in helping us fulfill our mission to improve lives in Hall County.


Engage with your community

Host a community conversation with your friends, coworkers or neighbors. Learn about what people say are their aspirations for Hall County and talk about how you can work together to address challenges. 


Be informed

Learn how Hall County ranks in academic attainment, income stability and health. Use the United Way Common Good Forecaster, a powerful online tool that lets people see for themselves how improving the education level has a positive impact on several key economic and social measures.

Raise Awareness
About a Cause

Use social media tools to educate your friends and networks about an issue you care about. Sample tweets and Facebook messages are below:

Tweet It On Twitter

EDUCATION: Every dollar to early childhood programs saves 7 in adulthood #kidswin #liveunited

INCOME: Children are the poorest age group w/ 15.5M children living in poverty #kidswin #liveunited

HEALTH: Uninsured children in fair or poor health are 5X more likely not to have a regular provider of care #kidswin #liveunited

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EDUCATION: Students who don't read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to leave without a diploma than proficient readers. Support United Way's work to promote the importance of early grade reading:

Children are the poorest age group with 15.5 million children living in poverty. Support programs that help poor children and families:

Seriously ill children without insurance who end up in the hospital are 60% more likely to die than the sick children in the same facility who have insurance. Help United Way increase children's health coverage:
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